Friday, September 24, 2010

Some thoughts on a FABULOUS quote for a Friday...

"It's never too late to become the person you might have been." ~ Mary Ann Evans (pen name, George Eliot)


OK, a couple of quick thoughts on this. 


 A. Mary Ann Evans is a woman who wrote novels in the late 1800's. This was a time when women writers weren't taken seriously. They were viewed simply as authors of lighthearted romances. But, she knew she had a passion for writing different material. So, instead of letting the stereotypes of the day hold her back, she basically said, "Fine, I'll make up a man's name and put that on all of my stuff. We'll see who will read this lady's awesome writing then." And, she became one of the leading English novelists of the Victorian Era. FABULOUS!


B. She's absolutely right! I'm 40 and I'm out of shape. I've become lazy in all of the areas in which I should have formed healthy habits. I've strayed far from what God intended for me as a woman. No, I'm not saying He planned for me to always look 18, but He did plan for me to maintain a healthy shape. I'm sad when I think of the months and years wasted on a big waistline and low energy. But, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Whether I want to become a serious writer, get my Master's degree, learn to ride a horse, drop 60 pounds...whatever; I believe God will help me be the person I might have been - for HIM (that's the key). It's never too late! So, this weekend, I'm going running! FABULOUS!

C. Let me know how you put healthy habits into place in your busy life. And, have a FABULOUS weekend!



  1. does fear ever come into play? for me it's fear of injury. i'm sick of medical bills! i dream of being a runner, but after going through 2yrs of unemployment while my hubs got through school...waiting for insurance to now kick in through his new career...i'm still fearful of injuries in running.

    not trying to plant a spirit of fear in your mind. just a thought that i continually contemplate -- or rather it's the thought that holds me back from pursuing that transformation.

  2. Mila...I hear ya! The first week I rolled my ankle on an acorn of all things. It was frustrating but I just took some time off and pampered seems to be fine now. But, I need to be careful and pray for protection, that's for sure. How do you overcome the fear?