Friday, July 29, 2011

Changes are coming!!!!!!

Hey, my FABULOUS friends...

I'm so excited to say that change is on the way! I know the posts have been rather infrequent lately, but some big things are in the works. Please stay tuned for more updates and have a FABULOUS weekend! :)


Friday, July 15, 2011

41 and make-up free actually CAN be FABULOUS! Well, at least, PASSABLE?!?!

Spent the night at my mom's last night so I could fill in on the morning show and someone would be there for Alyssa since Jeremy's out of town. Wasn't really prepared. I brought everything Alyssa needed but not everything I needed. Borrowed a pair of jeans and a shirt from my mom. Used an extra new toothbrush my mom had on hand. Used my mom's hair dryer and products and fished into a bag of disposable razors. Don't you just love "Mom's House"? It's like your own private CVS!

But, I didn't have make-up. So, I went without. I thought, "Wow, this saves so much time. And, I look fine, I don't need no stinkin' society-imposed make-up!" That was at poor lighting. Fast forward to around 7 and I walk by a mirror and almost jump with fright! OK, it wasn't that bad, but it was a little shocking.

I kept telling myself, "Be free. You don't HAVE to wear make-up...let it GO!" But my shiny nose and suddenly way more obvious freckles begged to differ. I was tempted to follow my friend Catherine's example. She usually co-hosts the morning show and has resorted to using a Sharpie for eye liner!  I'm not condoning that practice and I'm not going to actually DO it, but I can understand a little more of the WHY behind the action. When you scare yourself multiple times in one morning, you tend to get a little desperate or, um, creative! 

The ever encouraging Katie Post told me she couldn't tell I wasn't wearing make-up. I really appreciated that. At 41, I'll take it. BUT...I also appreciated the offer to share some eye color and mascara. Now, before you warn me of the dangers of sharing eye products, I KNOW! But, darn it if my pride didn't win out over the principles of personal hygiene.

So, instead of make-up free, I'm going with make-up light. A little eye shadow, mascara, and some lip gloss from my purse used as cheek color. The only thing really missing is foundation and some powder. Oh, and eye liner. Still, no biggie, right? But, if you happen to see me today and I do scare you a little, just try not to show it! And, have a FABULOUS weekend!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Made to Crave Monday ~ Chapter 19

How appropriate that Lysa TerKeurst says, "I'll admit, I'm a little sad this book is coming to an end. I have enjoyed walking with your through this journey." I feel the same way as we're finishing our study of Made to Crave. It has been a joy and pleasure to share the ups and downs with you. Thank you for taking part in this book study with me. And, congratulations for making it to the end.

I rarely make it to the end. I always have a great idea and great enthusiasm but find my determination starts to wane about 1/3 of the way through a project or process. But, this time, I did it. WE did it. We stuck through 19 chapters of teaching on how to take food out of God's place in our lives. We should pat ourselves on the back!

Well, before we get too carried away with the self-accolades, we should tackle the last set of questions for reflection...oh, and I also love Lysa's encouragement about where to go from here: "But while the book is ending, living out its message is just beginning." Are you ready? Let's keep moving forward together!

Discussion Questions for Ch 19 - Made to Crave

1. Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, Lysa experiences a victory she attributes more to mental and spiritual changes than to physical changes. what factors have made the biggest difference in the victories you've experienced with food? Is it food planning? Spiritual disciplines like prayer and dining on the truth of god's Word? Changing your go-to scripts? What things are key to your ongoing success?
Jill's answer: Funny thing, just this morning as I was struggling through my workout in a VERY humid gym, I caught a glimpse of Kate Middleton. The thing that struck me was how stick-thin she is. I even commented to my training partner, Katie Post. But, then I followed it up with, "That's OK! I'm not SUPPOSED to look like her. She's taller, probably more athletic, and a whole lot younger than I am. Yes, I could have a few less bumps and lumps body-wise, but I'm not supposed to look like that, my body is just different!"
I do feel my self-talk is a lot more positive these days. Instead of starting a run and thinking to myself, "You can't do this! Just give it up!" I shout out to Jesus for help, sometime out loud even! :) So, yes, my go-to scripts have come a long way from the negative to the positive. This is a victory for me!

2. God's promise in Psalm 107:17-20 is that He hears our distress and He heals us with His Word. In what ways would you say God has heard your distress about your struggles with food? What role has Scripture played in helping you to experience God's healing?
Jill's answer: I feel guilty that I had half of a regular sized cinnamon roll this morning right before answering these questions. What was I thinking? But, I'm not perfect, I'm a human being, and I'm going to splurge every now and then.

However, for the most part God has really helped me crave the foods that fuel my body instead of the sugary and fatty foods. Yes, I still slip up from time to time (this morning, cinnamon roll), but I don't trash talk myself and degrade myself for hours afterward. I realize that treats are OK as long as I'm mostly eating whole grains, lean meats, fruits & veggies. He has helped me to enjoy these foods and not feel as deprived as I have in the past when attempting to eat healthy. I've realized that changing to healthy habits doesn't mean being hungry all the time. And, when I feel the temptation to splurge too much, I can ask God for help or simply remove myself (or the food) from the situation. God is GOOD!

3. "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God" ~ Revelation 2:7. This verse indicates that it's not only possible to overcome our struggles but that there is a reward for those who do -- and it involves eating! How might this promise encourage you as you continue on your healthy eating adventure?
Jill's answer: I have always said that I can't wait to get to Heaven where I can eat all the chocolate and pasta I want without ever gaining an ounce. I never realized there was a scripture to back up this fantasy. Ha ha! Just kidding. I wonder if this verse is more about our eyes being opened and receiving the promise of eternal life than it is about eating food. But, I can see the encouragement that there is a reward for standing strong in Jesus until the very end. Not just in my food choices but, and more importantly, in my life choices. Food seems to have a lot to do with this, but it is not everything that factors in to me overcoming. I need to stand strong for Jesus even when that is tough, even in talking with family members who loathe all things Christian. I need to stand strong over the coming years as an example of a godly woman for my daughter, especially when she starts to feel the pressure to give in to what "everybody else" is doing. Being disciplined with food is just one area of growth and maturity on this journey to FABULOUS - becoming the woman God wants me to be!

Thanks for being a part of this discussion. Let me know your thoughts on this final chapter of Made to Crave!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Little Things That Aren't So Little

Jeremy and I are celebrating the little things in life that can make us so happy today on Doing Life with the Traceys. Please join us after 3pm on 91.5 WCIC or at Or, you can leave a post here with a little thing that means a lot to you.

Isn't it funny how a little thing to someone else can be a BIG thing for us? For example, a little thing that's not so little to me is the progress I'm making in this training for the 10K in September. I ran a 5K today in 38 minutes - my fastest time ever by almost 2 minutes. I know it's still about a 12:22 pace, most folks can go WAY faster, but my pace in the Jingle Bell run back in December was 12:48 or so. Little thing? NOT. TO. ME. :)

Thank you, Jesus, for the little wins along the way as I travel this long road with You!

What little thing is makin' you happy on your journey to healthy right now? Let me know so I can cheer you on!