Friday, October 15, 2010

FABULOUS believes she can impact her world...and does (even via a widget!)

I'm so excited about my new widget (look to your right)! Actually I'm excited that I even HAVE a widget. OK, truthfully I just like SAYING (and apparently typing) widget. It's just one of those words that's really fun to say over and over. Widget widget widget widget WIDGET! Ha ha!

Anywho...please take a chance to click on said widget for Compassion International. I can't say enough about these folks and what they're doing for the poor in developing nations around the world. And, maybe you can consider finding an adorable kiddo that you and/or your family can sponsor. I know I know...sponsorship sounds kind of like a scary commitment. But, we're talking just $38 a month to help your sponsored child receive food, clothing, education, and other things to help his or her family cover their needs. Plus you get to communicate with your new friend. You can write a letter or send one digitally through the Compassion website. You'll also get regularly updated pictures and information on how your sponsored child is growing, developing, and maturing. But, the biggest thing your partnership with Compassion does for these kids is to provide them with solid programs and teaching that help them learn who Jesus is and how much He loves them. Talk about a huge return on an itty bitty investment. Better than anything on Wall Street!

In becoming FABULOUS I want to start believing I can impact my world and then actually start doing something about it. One way I can do that is to use my blog-o-sphere voice to let everyone know about some people who are making a true difference and how we can support them. So, I will be adding more to the "Some Things I Believe In..." gadget but I had to start with Compassion. Jeremy and I have been sponsoring  little Alejandro in El Salvador for about six years now and it's been such a source of joy in our lives. You'd be hard pressed to find a more fiscally-responsible charitable organization. They've received very high commendations from those who watch for that sort of thing and an unusually high percentage of the money you send them goes directly to help those who need it. Oh, and something really cool, you can request a child with the same exact birthdate as your son/daughter, niece/nephew, etc. It's a real way to be Jesus to a child, a family, and a community. Please take some time to learn more!! And, have a FABULOUS weekend!

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