Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Workout Confession

It's time to come clean. I have a secret that has been weighing heavily on my conscience. It's not so much a dirty little secret as it is a sad, pathetic little secret. And, I've been hiding it long enough. The Bible says we should confess our wrongs to each other, so brace yourself. Here comes my workout confession!

I secretly wish for a text every morning I'm supposed to meet my friend Katie and I feel terrible about it! Three times a week she is so kind to travel all the way to my home at an unheard-of-pre-dawn time just to help me train for the Jingle Bell run coming up on December 4th. She does this because she's an incredible support. She believes in me and my efforts to become FABULOUS. And, she agrees that part of becoming FABULOUS is understanding that healthy habits are crucial. I can't put into words how much I appreciate Katie helping me week after week. She's an amazing friend, and I'm fortunate to know her. Still...every morning we're supposed to meet I continue to hope for a text from her.

I'm ashamed to admit that still, six weeks into my training, my ears itch to hear that little bling-bling-bling that tells me there's a message waiting. A message that says Katie can't make it...she overslept, she forgot, or (gasp) she's not feeling well. Isn't that pathetic?! How could I secretly hope even for my dear friend to come down sick just so I don't have to get up before the sun and go out in the cold to face yet another 20-30 minutes of pushing my lumpy body up and down the hills of the main street near my home? I's sad. To go so far as to even wish for sweet Katie to come down with a cold, so that I don't have to exert myself. Granted, I don't wish for anything serious like the flu. I would never go that far. But, I really wouldn't mind a little case of the sniffles or upset tummies. I am a monster! Thank God Katie continues to come through for me despite my wishes otherwise. She's a much better friend to me than I am to her...that's for sure! So, tonight, I'm going to pray that I don't wish for a text tomorrow morning. And, that in all circumstances my only wish, hope, or prayer for my friend is for peace, love, and 100% good health.

Am I the only pathetic one? Please tell me you have a workout confession as well. If not, please pray for me!


  1. No hard feelings whatsoever, Jill ;).
    I'm so thankful for how honest and genuine you are-especially when it comes to topics like this, where it's easier to say "I'm fine."

    You absolutely have a bright and exciting road ahead of you(health-wise), but you're ALREADY-in the present time-succeeding in SO many areas!!!

    And you ran so fiercely today, by the way.
    JUST THINK of where you'll be for the Jingle Bell Run! WAHOO!!!

  2. Katie, you have seen me in a state that no one besides my husband usually sees. And, you're STILL my friend. I'm amazed by you and SO THANKFUL for you!!!!