Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Need some encouragement for a rough Tuesday?

Hey, my FABULOUS friend! I don't know about you but this is a toughie Tuesday for me. I'm EMOTIONAL (thanks for that, Eve, ha ha!) and having a bit of a fibromyalgia flare up. On top of that, my husband's sick and my parents are dealing with some pretty rough stuff, too. I've also been feeling down about the struggle to have a second child recently. I know God is good and has my best in my mind (even if it's not what I'm hoping for), but it's been a difficult road these past few years, especially the last several months.

SSSSOoooooooooo, needless to say I'm feeling less than motivated in the healthy choices and actions department this morning. Can ya relate? Don't ya just hate how our feelings and emotions can keep us from taking care of ourselves? Why is it that I never think, "Man, it's been a hard day, I think I need to go run a mile or two to unwind!"? Instead it's vegging out in front of the TV after my daughter's tucked in bed or calling it an "all diets off" night and making a call to the Hut to order something sufficiently artery-clogging in which to drown my sorrows. Am I alone here?

If not, then I think we could use some extra encouragement today. Maybe you saw this on my Facebook page. Sorry to repeat if that's the case. But, you might want to watch it again. It's just that good. My friend, Olivia Ward, is a contestant this season on the Biggest Loser and she's a true inspiration. Watching her pour out her feelings and concerns about her Opera career and her desire to have a baby and doing whatever it takes to be healthy is a kick in the tush for me, and maybe it will be for you, too. In a NICE way! ;)


Well, that's all for now. Please let me know how you're doing and let's keep praying for each other on this journey! LOVE!!!

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