Friday, January 21, 2011

NOT a fabulous excuse...

OK, I think I can add this one to my list of the worst excuses for NOT exercising! This morning I was planning to head to the gym to work out after taking Alyssa to pre-school. I had the BEST intentions, seriously. Then, Jeremy came into the bedroom and said, "There's NO HOT WATER!" The hot water in our shower tends to freeze when it gets below 20 degrees for too long. So, we leave the hot water running just a little during these really cold days to keep that from happening. Well, apparently it was SO COLD last night that even leaving the water running didn't keep the hot from freezing up. So, in my mind, I'm thinking, "I can't go work out if I can't take a shower. I'd be all stinky for work and family worship later today and tonight." Then I thought, "Well, I COULD take a shower at the gym after I work out!" But, then I thought about HOW COLD it is and running around the locker room trying to get in and out before my very blood freezes solid. I was even able to convince myself that my rushing around on those slippery floors would almost guarantee a major slip-and-fall incident that would most certainly require an ambulance ride to the hospital and we definitely don't need an emergency room co-pay right now! SHEW! So, that's how I arrived at the decision that I absolutely could not work out today. Then, as I was driving Alyssa to school I realized, "I could have gone to my parents' house and used their tread mill and their shower. DUH!" Oh, well, too late now. Another workout routine skipped due to the faulty logic of a not-yet-disciplined-40-year-old-brain!

Well, I'm not going to let this lapse get me down. It's just one minor hiccup on the road to FABULOUS, right? There will be more workouts to actually get to and more reasons to congratulate myself for healthy food choices. THIS is not going to defeat me!

So, can I encourage you...don't let whatever failure(s) you've experienced this week defeat YOU, either! We're in this together, my FABULOUS friend! Let's go into the weekend with confidence that we are slowly making the changes that will last a lifetime!!


  1. I just love you...oh! And I haven't exercised today either. But I still might, especially after reading your blog! Journeying together sister!

  2. I couldn't agree more with you ladies!

    In fact, Philippians 1:6 reminds us that "he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion..."
    That certainly includes both our physical and spiritual journeys ahead!

    Ya know what that means, Jill?
    You and me will have at least one date with the gym this week ;).

    I'll pray for extra motivation for working out/eating right for you 2 this week! :-)

  3. AAAH! Two of my fave girlies have commented on my blog! Mandisa, you are an inspiration and KT, you are my lifeline (well, in cahoots with Jesus, of course!) :) Thank you both for the encouragement and yes, we will meet at least once at Riverplex, Katie!