Friday, July 15, 2011

41 and make-up free actually CAN be FABULOUS! Well, at least, PASSABLE?!?!

Spent the night at my mom's last night so I could fill in on the morning show and someone would be there for Alyssa since Jeremy's out of town. Wasn't really prepared. I brought everything Alyssa needed but not everything I needed. Borrowed a pair of jeans and a shirt from my mom. Used an extra new toothbrush my mom had on hand. Used my mom's hair dryer and products and fished into a bag of disposable razors. Don't you just love "Mom's House"? It's like your own private CVS!

But, I didn't have make-up. So, I went without. I thought, "Wow, this saves so much time. And, I look fine, I don't need no stinkin' society-imposed make-up!" That was at poor lighting. Fast forward to around 7 and I walk by a mirror and almost jump with fright! OK, it wasn't that bad, but it was a little shocking.

I kept telling myself, "Be free. You don't HAVE to wear make-up...let it GO!" But my shiny nose and suddenly way more obvious freckles begged to differ. I was tempted to follow my friend Catherine's example. She usually co-hosts the morning show and has resorted to using a Sharpie for eye liner!  I'm not condoning that practice and I'm not going to actually DO it, but I can understand a little more of the WHY behind the action. When you scare yourself multiple times in one morning, you tend to get a little desperate or, um, creative! 

The ever encouraging Katie Post told me she couldn't tell I wasn't wearing make-up. I really appreciated that. At 41, I'll take it. BUT...I also appreciated the offer to share some eye color and mascara. Now, before you warn me of the dangers of sharing eye products, I KNOW! But, darn it if my pride didn't win out over the principles of personal hygiene.

So, instead of make-up free, I'm going with make-up light. A little eye shadow, mascara, and some lip gloss from my purse used as cheek color. The only thing really missing is foundation and some powder. Oh, and eye liner. Still, no biggie, right? But, if you happen to see me today and I do scare you a little, just try not to show it! And, have a FABULOUS weekend!

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  1. Jill,
    Most of us can relate. It took me years to be able to feel comfortable enough to even run out of the door for a quick errand makeup free. I was a stay at home mom who was the first in the shower, hair always blow dried, mascara on,the whole nine yards and lastly the lip color in place to start her day. And the day was carpools, watching working mom's kiddos, school volunteering, and picking up around the house, planning a meal. These were not makeup required days. I of course felt put together. And when mama is know everyone is happy.
    It took me until almost 45 years of age, (I'm 52-)now to even exercise without checking to make sure that at least my hair was in a proper ponytail.
    Hmm...this of course was something I had to free myself from. There was no one else imposing this thinking. I believe Jonny Diaz has a song that speaks to this very thinking. More Beautiful You.
    So these days when the circles under my eyes are darker, and the lines are becoming more and more in my face, Ha...I am finally comfortable if I'm caught with not a trace of help on my face.
    However, I still prefer my make-up most days.
    Now my son has a beautiful girlfriend who is a guest at our house from time to time and I notice she even wears her make-up to bed. My son said she wants to make a good impression on me?
    Bless her sweet heart, I hope to be able to talk with her one day soon.
    In the meantime Jill ,in the morning when I wake-up ,should I put on my makeup, "I'll say a little prayer for you." We girls all have to stick together and make it ok to be fabulous and free no matter what the mirror, mirror on the wall tries to tell us.