Friday, August 6, 2010

One FABULOUS choice...

I can't tell you how excited I was (and am) to hear from you after my very first entry on this brand new blog. My mind has been racing with all kinds of new musings on how we don't have to resign ourselves to the "It's Too Late" thoughts that fight their way into our brains. We can stand up, at any age, and say NO to the familiar and begin the pursuit of the FABULOUS.

As I was thinking and itching to blog again today I waited and waited for the chance to present itself. Finally, my 4 1/2-year-old was settled in to watch a movie and I was certain that my opportunity had presented itself so clearly that to NOT blog would be simply wrong. So, I jumped up, plugged in the cord for our DSL (weird set up in our condo, long story) and fired up the 'ole PC. And, just as I logged on to Blogger and geared up for some most-certainly-awesome content to come flowing out of my fingers, I felt a familiar tug on my sleeve.

"Mommy, play with my magnetic dress-up doll with me!" Alyssa said as she pleaded silently with those enormous chocolate browns.

Now, I didn't really want to play with the magnetic dress-up doll. But, somehow, I found the resolve to make my first FABULOUS choice of the day. I turned away from the computer and toward my little beloved. After all, isn't that one of the first priorities in becoming truly FABULOUS?

Serving my family had to come first and I'm so thankful I didn't miss yet another chance to instill the knowledge in my little girl's heart that she is loved unconditionally and above all things electronic. There have been far too many times when this has not been the case. Far too many times when Alyssa's heard the words, "OK, sweetie, as soon as Mommy's done on the computer!" Today was different, though. THANK GOD!

I know I won't always make the best choice. But, we Moms have to celebrate those rare moments when we actually get it right, don't ya think?

~ Thank you, God, for pricking my heart earlier today and helping me to actually listen to You! ~

I have so many ideas to share with you and will do so over the weekend, most likely when my daughter's asleep and my hubby's playing a video game. I also love hearing from you, so please keep your awesome thoughts, comments, and suggestions coming. In the meantime, enjoy your loved ones, have a great weekend and a good night!


  1. that is truly fabulous!! Thank you for sharing this, I know I am on facebook throughout the day, looking for opportunities to pray for and with friends and to make someone laugh. I love being on there because if it weren't for facebook I would have days without contact with anyone over 6 years of age. I think it gives me my sanity. I love that you have spoken directly to my heart because I felt like I was choosing this "me time" a little too much lately. I never want my kids to feel like I am always on facebook and not able to play! Thanks for this blog, I am also gonna be fabulous and play polly pockets or cars with the kidlets! ;) my kids will be like "mommy, don't you wana check your email? We don't need you to play all the time! Lol! Be blesed!! ;) Amber

  2. My dad turned 80 recently and we had some time to remember alot of past moments and talked about life and all his many accomplishments. He said of all the memories the ones he cherishes the most are his children when they were very young. There were five of us. So needless to say interruptions were often. He wants me to not forget that for him, those were the "the best."
    He told me he never regrets the time made for each of us, but rather any he missed. So Jill, that seems like one "fabulous" interruption and choice you made. I guess sometimes we need to welcome them with "open arms!" Looking back one day those will be all our fabulous memories as well.