Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trying to attain perfection vs. becoming FABULOUS

Good evening, FABULOUS one! I hope your weekend's winding down in a good way. Jeremy and I head back to work tomorrow after a 1 1/2 week vacation. Of course we loved the down time, but, we're actually looking forward to getting back at it which is pretty FABULOUS in itself. Having a job you love is nothing to take for granted!

Before I close down the computer for the night I wanted to chat a little about the difference between becoming FABULOUS and trying to achieve perfection. My friend, Susie, shared some good advice about not trying to be perfect but allowing people to see our flaws. And, I cannot agree more. I'm all about sharing my imperfections and, believe me, they are legion! But, I don't think knowing we will always miss the mark in striving to be perfect (at least while we're still here on this Earth) should hinder us from striving to be FABULOUS! In fact, I believe part of becoming FABULOUS is following the advice I heard recently from author and speaker, Angela Thomas, to "lead with your brokenness". A FABULOUS woman is not one who desperately wishes to appear to have it all together. A FABULOUS woman realizes she'll never achieve that task and takes that first step of boldness anyway.

What is she stepping toward? Well, hopefully, first and foremost toward God and a true, authentic, completely open relationship with Him. After that, the journey is different for each of us. If we're married the next step is to lavishly love our husbands and kiddos if we have them. After that, maybe it's to be a sacrificial volunteer, start our own business, pick up a paint brush, or pursue a passion for cooking, music, or sports.  But, in whatever step we take, leading with our brokenness is not only more realistic, but opens up the door for such a greater impact on the people around us. An artist who expresses her pain on a canvas is way more likely to touch another soul than one who simply wants to accurately portray a pretty bowl of fruit (not that I have anything against fruit). My point is that the artist is striving to be FABULOUS at her craft...not to be a perfect human being.

And this is the change I'm seeking. Not to become a perfect human being...but to become FABULOUS at being a follower of Jesus, a wife to Jeremy and Mom to Alyssa. FABULOUS at talking on the radio, writing, reaching out to help in my community. FABULOUS as a friend and daughter. But, I believe, becoming FABULOUS includes letting your imperfections shine from time to time!

Whoa...I do believe I've delved a little too deeply and waxed a little too philosophically for one evening. Better sign off...tomorrow I begin work on the new healthy eating plan. Loads to share in that area, you can be sure of it!

Good night and may you have FABULOUS dreams!


  1. love it! He chooses the weak to lead the strong. It will also allow us to humble ourselves just as Jesus did while washing a man's feet. It makes us more approachable and will make anyone more receptive of anything we want to teach others. Thanks for this and I look forward to becoming more fabulous with you! ;) amber

  2. a word i got tonight was "being willing to be pruned". i think that has a lot to do with becoming fabulous! the imperfections are beautiful in their own right, but if in any of my imperfection there's anything that keeps me (and there is) from God's very best FOR me, my husband, my kids...pruning must come.
    i love being like-minded with women -- so wish our circles weren't on the air! :c)