Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finding out more about me...

Took a personality test today and it's really no surprise to find out that I'm outgoing, a talker, and not very organized. Maybe you've heard of the DISC personality profile? Well, apparently, I'm a high I (Active/People Oriented, known as Sanguine) followed closely by a next higher D (Active/Task-Oriented, known as Choleric). My combination of I and D puts me in the category of Inspirational Doer. And, I believe this is very accurate. I've taken this particular profile at a few different key times in my life, and the results have been very nearly exactly the same each time.

Here's the short paragraph that describes the typical behavioral blend of people like me: They love large groups. They are impressive and can easily influence people to do things. (I guess that doesn't include influencing a five year old to clean her room!) They need a lot of recognition. They exaggerate and often talk too much. They jump into things without thinking them through....They are motivated by exciting opportunities to do difficult things (like running a 5-K when you've never run in your LIFE!). If not careful, they will do things to please the crowd and get themselves into trouble in the process. They make inspiring leaders and determined individuals. A Biblical example of this type of personality is Peter. Hmm...this pretty much hits the nail on the head. I can totally see me being the one to jump out of the boat to go after Jesus and then realizing, "wait a minute, these waves are PRETTY HIGH!"

And, you know what I realized today? GOD MADE ME THIS WAY! Just like He made me to crave Him (thank you Lysa TerKeurst), He designed me to have this particular personality. Actually, this is kind of freeing because in becoming FABULOUS, I need to be more and more comfortable with who I am. Many times in my life I've falsely believed that to improve myself I should change who I am. I should be more quiet. Not so outspoken and opinionated. Not so chatty. But, you know what? That talkative, outgoing nature is part of who I'm supposed to be. I'm in radio, right? So, at least I'm using that natural tendency to not only put food on the table, but also to hopefully reach out to others with love and encouragement. Of course there are moments when I need to be better at reigning it in. But, who I am is not bad. It's God-designed!

Knowing more about my personality type is also helpful because I can recognize the areas in which I need to grow or at least be very careful. I do need a lot of recognition.  It's hard to admit this to myself but it's true. I ache for accolades. When I was younger I acted out in pretty embarrassing ways to get recognition. Either I became determined to be the best, or I compromised my values, or I acted catty or hateful toward the ones who were receiving recognition instead of me. Today? I probably tend to turn to food when I'm feeling unrecognized or insignificant. But, it's so good to know that this could be a potential trigger for me. I can be aware, alert, and watchful. And, yes, I do tend to talk too much, and jump into things without thinking.

Another beneficial takeaway is the part about being excited and motivated by the opportunity to do hard things. That confirms to me that challenging myself to do things like run a 5-K actually works for me. It's part of how I get excited and motivated. And, that keeps me working out when doing it just to get in shape never does.  So, I'm doing something right by entering these different races and giving myself difficult goals like going three months w/o sugar, dairy, gluten, or grains!

So many people have told me the way THEY lost weight, the way I SHOULD be doing it, or just pointed out what's wrong with my current approach. They've had the best intentions, I know. But, I realize now that they believe their way is the best way because it's what worked best for them and their personality types. I can't even begin to explain how much pressure that takes off of me to try and explain why what I'm doing works for me. It's my personality type! There, plain and simple. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear what's worked for other people. But, now I can be freer to hear those ideas, celebrate with my friend, and then decide if something they're doing would work for me considering what I know motivates me and my personality type.

Hmm...maybe there's something to this. Can't ya just see me writing a book about getting fit based on your personality type? Ha ha! "Understanding Yourself Thin" - look for it to hit bookshelves in the spring of 2012. Wait, maybe there really IS something to this?! Uh oh...there I go being all impulsive again. Jumping in without thinking it over first. But, it could be a great idea, right? ;)

Anywho...if you have a chance to do the DISC personality or another trusted type of personality test, you never know. Maybe it could help you make greater strides in your journey toward healthy and FABULOUS!

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