Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goal For Today

I'm going to drink 8-10 8oz glasses of water today and see if it makes a difference when it comes to the terrible cravings I've had the last several days.

What are you doing to take a bite out of temptation today?


  1. Donovan & I try to drink lots of water too! Even as a nurse, I think it's REALLY hard to consume large amounts of plain ice water, even though I tell all my patients to do so after surgery. I like to add 'crystal light' powder mix to water, so it changes the drink up a bit! Strawberry, lemonade, iced tea to name a few. You CAN accomplish this today!
    Ps - I am loving your blogs!!! Thanks again for your open & honest answers and encouraging all of us along the way toward a life of wellness & healthy living! You bless me (:

  2. Personally, if I can get out and take a walk, it can change my whole perspective. I think exercise (can't believe I'm saying this now) can really give you a boost and make you feel so much better and then you don't want to eat unhealthy things.

    I drink water all day, but I don't stress about how much. I just always have it with me and drink often. I agree with Emily about the flavor packets for a taste change. My favorite is the Wyler's light brand, especially in Raspberry flavor. Kind of hard to find sometimes, but not tart like some of the crystal light ones.

    I don't know if you like chocolate chip mint ice cream, but if so, Extra sugar-free gum has that flavor and it's really goood and can make you feel like you're getting something sweet. If you're not into mint, they have some other dessert flavors as well.

    Finally, if you like smoothies, yoplait has smoothie mixes in the freezer section that you just add liquid too (skim milk, juice, etc) and they are really good too. The fruit is all cut up small and ready to blend so there's no work to it!

  3. Did it work for you? It usually works for me ... most of the time...

  4. It did help, Erin! Now to just do it EVERY day. Ha ha! :)