Monday, May 16, 2011

Made to Crave Mondays - Chapter 13 and a free book!

Hello, my FABULOUS friend! I hope you've had a great weekend despite the cold and rain here in central Illinois. How awesome to see the sun shining this morning. It makes Monday a little easier.

I'm so glad you've joined me for Made to Crave Monday because I'm excited to not only dig in to the reflection questions for chapter 13 of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries, but also to tell you about a new venture in my life. AND to offer you a free copy of Made to Crave. If you don't already have the book, you will LOVE it. And, you'll be able to go back to the first Made to Crave Monday and follow along and add your insights. If you do already have the book, you'll have a copy to give to a girlfriend, a sister, or your mom so you'll have someone to go through the book with you and join you on this journey to good health. First I want to tell about my "new thing", THEN I'll tell you how you can win the book. Deal Camille?

New Thing

If you had a chance to read last Friday's blog post, then you'll remember me talking about how I want to have fun learning new things in life. And, this week I'm doing TWO new things. I'd mentioned yesterday that I was going to stick my toes into the huge pool that is couponing. I'm meeting with some friends Thursday to learn their shop-savvy ways. That's thing one (Yes, that is a shout out to Dr. Seuss!). Thing two...against my brain's better judgment, I have committed to running a 10K this fall in Morton. A...T E N...K! I began the long training process today that will (hopefully) prepare my body to run over SIX MILES! And, as you see, I'm in need of preparing my mind as well. So, prayers are appreciated.

How You Can WIN

OK, so here's how you can win your own free copy of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. Leave a comment on today's post and tell me something new you're going to learn...this week...this month...or over this summer. One commenter will win a free copy of Lysa's New York Times Bestseller!

Discussion Questions for Chapter 13

1. What are the unspoken truths about food at your church or in your circle of Christian friends? In terms of how they eat and relate to food, is your Christian community an asset or a liability to your healthy eating goals? 
Jill's answer: I'm glad I attend a church that doesn't condone gluttony. Every New Year we begin with a 21-day fast to encourage all of us to give up dependence on food or anything else that may be coming between us and Jesus. So, that's always a challenge and encouragement on this road to healthy. When my girlfriends get together it can be different. We love to eat and chat and eat and chat and eat some more. It's funny how you can throw all healthy guidelines out the window once the kids are in bed or safe with hubby/babysitter and just go to town on some nachos, cookies, brownies, or whatever. And my friends know how to make some yummy stuff. My friend Tasha follows the Pioneer Woman and is all about real, healthy ingredients. But man is it the stuff that diets die by. Cinammon rolls, fruit bars, brownies, homemade fudge sauce. Nothing artificial in Tasha's cooking. Nothing low fat, usually, either.
A. She doesn't need it.
B. Her philosophy about food is completely different (and much better) than mine.
C. She can have one portion-controlled serving and walk away. Me...not so much!
So, I actually had to hide her in my newsfeed on Facebook for a while because of all the yummy stuff she would post almost daily. She's always sharing a peek at the latest scrumptious concoction coming from her oven. So, now I'm challenged to actually have more face-to-face contact with this girlfriend which is turning out to be a little tough, but I'm determined to make it happen!

2. Gluttony of any kind - food, alcohol, drugs, sex - could be described as a desperate attempt to silence the cries of a hungry soul. Have you ever thought of overeating in this way, as an attempt to silence your hungry soul? How might this perspective help you gain new insights about your battles with food? 
Jill's answer: TOTALLY it comes from a desire to fill some void in my life. I absolutely know that I desire that full, satisfied feeling as if it might make everything else in life better. It doesn't. It just causes me to head back to Old Navy for another new pair of jeans because the last ones are actually painful to wear. Ugh! Praying, spending time reading the Bible, singing songs to Jesus, exercising and reading memory verses to myself from a note card...EVERY TIME these things help the cravings go away. If I could just remember the next time the cravings rear their ugly little heads!

3. If your soul is like a ravenous vacuum cleaner, what kinds of things has it sucked up over the years in its longing to be filled?
Jill's answer: Attention, food, recognition, physical affection, 100's of wasted hours in front of the TV, oh the list could go on and on. It's a really good thing I'm not much of a shopper because my family could be in serious financial trouble!

4. Lysa uses the Exodus story to demonstrate how God taught His people to depend on Him by giving them just what they needed each day. In what ways might this story be an encouragement to you? Are you in the habit of depending on God for what you need each day - to be your daily portion of companionship, provision, strength? What "manna" do you long for most from God?
Jill's answer: It might sound crazy but there have been times when I've wished for someone to control my portions for me much like God did in the story from Exodus. Sometimes I think if I had no access to food beside perfectly balanced and portioned meals that someone else provided and delivered to me...I'd have no problem, right? Well, now that I'm reminded of the Israelites and their grumbling and complaining and discontent, I realize I wouldn't last long in that "ideal" situation before I'd start whining a little myself. Like the Israelites, I can so easily become discontent with what I already have in so many areas of life. Often it involves achievement, acceptance, and significance. I mostly need to receive my daily "manna" of self-worth and value straight from God!

5. Have there been times in your life when you struggled because you didn't have what you needed? How might these experiences of deprivation impact your ability to trust that God can give you what you need each day to deal with food?
Jill's answer: When I was in high school my mom, younger brother, and I moved a lot. She was a newly single Mom of teenagers that she wanted to keep in their current school no matter what kind of sacrifice it meant for her. So, we would move into one place, live there six months or so, and have to move again because the rent was just too high and my Mom couldn't keep up. I had no money for new clothes or going out with my friends. So, I worked part-time jobs to be able to afford the things I wanted outside of food and shelter and MANY school activities that my Mom somehow was able to fund. Talk about a giving woman...that's my Mom! But, instead of trusting God to provide and being happy with a few pairs of pants and four or five tops, I wanted to fit in with my friends and went about making it happen myself. I often wonder what lessons I would have learned if I'd given some of that money to my Mom to help with her expenses. Or, simply saved for college and beyond? But, no, I was a teenager whose mind was on important matters like social status in a small city high school. And, I think I still struggle with trusting God to provide. Now I simply turn to food instead of trendy clothes. (Can't wear those right now anyway!)

6. "For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things" ~ Psalm 107:9 How do you respond to this promise? If you could ask God for one good thing that would help you to feel a deep and soul-filling satisfaction, what would it be?
Jill's answer: I LOVE THAT! This is going to be my mantra for the next week or so. He satisfies the thirsty. He fills the hungry with good things! That is so speaking my language. I guess what I would ask God for is to find peace and contentment in Him and Him alone. It's so easy to find it in food, in being a Mommy, in doing a good job at work, in so many things! True satisfaction only comes when I find everything first in God. It's a daily battle. No, it's a minute-ly battle! But, it's so worth it to draw closer to the One who created me to crave in the first place!

OK, you're up! Please add your thoughts to this discussion. And, don't forget to tell me that new thing you're going to learn or try this week, this month, or this summer! You could win your own copy of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. I'll post the winner on Wednesday. Thanks, FABULOUS friends!


  1. I am so proud of you for making your two new commitments.
    My something new? Well.... My son recently completed his SCUBA certification at Do Dive In. He's going to the Florida High Adventure Sea Base with the Boy Scouts on June 1. I am so excited for him. I, however, have a touch of anxiety when it comes to deep water. Okay, it's more than a touch, probably closer to slight panic. I am going to confront that fear and I am going to take SCUBA lessons with my friends Jan and Heather.

    Thanks to the diet we have been on I hope to look a little better in the wet suit than I would have otherwise. :)

  2. Im going to learn how to be a better blogger so i can get more followers and help otherpeople

  3. Hello! One thing I would like to do new this summer is find a healthy cooking class somewhere and find things that my whole family will eat so we can get healthy. I used to love to cook but having picky eaters took the fun out of it and now I don't like to cook. I know it is important for these changes to take place though.

  4. I am going to learn to take time for myself! I am starting to realize that if I don't, I am not going to be here when it counts for my children and husband. I take refuge in God for everything else in life, so why can't I ask Him for help with this challenge in life? Time to start! I have been inspired by your weight loss journey and your couch to 5k. A friend has challenged me, and I think I am going to take her up on it...who doesn't like a little competition for motivation!?!?!?! :)

  5. I'm going to learn to be a co-Brownie leader of my daughter's girl scout group!!

    I'm frustrated that I'm still sticking to my 1500 calories diet and yet I haven't lost anymore weight... I keep pressing on though. And my hubby even made me a seasoned Salmon filet for supper tonight!! YUM!!!!

  6. I want to learn yoga! I want to quiet my mind and relax. Then, I think losing the weight will be a piece of cake! (No pun intended!)

  7. Rigan wanted to post a comment but was having a little here are her thoughts:

    I was going to leave a comment yesterday but could not figure out how to comment :) that is how computer savy I am LOL....that should be something new I need to learn :)
    I too will learn the way of couponing honoring my hubbys hard work & try to save money at the grocery store... also I am going to start running & be disiciplined in it being outside taking time for me. I really need to be smart about that when my hubby works long hours & we have no family here so I have to take breaks from my weedhoppers & refresh & I will refresh by running :)

  8. In looking at our budget, I have realized how much we spend on eating I'm going to start cooking A LOT more.

  9. I tried commenting earlier but it did not post, not sure what I did wrong. I am empty even with all the good God has given me I am alone but married with two preschoolers. I participate even lead and organize events at church but I am empty sad depressed anxious and angry. I am going to try to learn to trust and to rely on God giving it to him and not taking it back. I have used sex and food to fill me but neither did, recently diagnosed with celiac my lifestyle with food has changed I am hopeful to eat better feel better and lose weight. I want to feel love and express love.

  10. Thanks so much, everyone! You have challenged me to stick with my new endeavors. Please post an update when you get a chance. And, congrats to Katie for winning the random drawing for the free copy of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst!