Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some good news and some bad news

The Good, The Bad, and the Rest...
Morning! I thought I'd give a brief update on how things are going for me on this journey to healthy. I'd love to hear yours as well!

Good news - I'm making better choices over all.
Bad news - I could have chosen fresh fruit at the radio station this morning but I chose half a cinnamon crunch bagel WITH cream cheese instead.
Good news - I didn't eat the other half as well!

Bad news - YES - as you can see I'm no longer adhering completely to my food elimination plan
Good news - BUT, I have eliminated most processed foods and sugar AND soda...for good! Yes, I know the cinnamon crunch bagel has lots of sugar...but things like this have become a more infrequent indulgence.

Good news - I'm holding strong at 11 pounds lost
Bad news - I haven't lost any more weight
Good news - I haven't gained the weight back!

Good news - I can run at least two miles w/o stopping and at a pretty decent pace for an overweight just-about-to-turn-41-year-old
Bad news - still a long way to go to be ready for that 10K (6.22 miles) in September
Good news - the always encouraging Katie Post will be running with me tomorrow!
GOD news - with Jesus, I can DO this!

That's kind of it in a nutshell for me these days. Oh, and I joined a new Bible Study for Made to Crave at my friend Rigan's house. SWEET! It's some extra encouragement I really need right now!

TAG, YOU'RE IT! What's the good and bad news in your journey toward healthy? Let's share with each other and pray each other through!


  1. Good news: I've lost 10 LB to date
    Bad news: I'm stuck here and haven't lost any more
    Good news: 10 more LB and I'm at my goal...SO CLOSE!
    More Good news: I committed to tracking everything that goes in my mouth and I have been successful for 1 month!

  2. I always like to know the bad news first. So...

    Bad news: I still have at least 50 pounds to lose.
    Good news: I've lost 24 pounds (as of the end of May since I only weigh once/month)!

    Bad news: I made cookies with my daughter today and ate one.
    Good news: I only ate one. :)

    Bad news: I still don't always want to exercise.
    Good news: I'm consistently exercising at least 5 days/week and feeling better.

    Bad news: I'm still drinking too much diet soda.
    Good news: ? yeah, I need to work on that one.

    Other good news: I have an awesome accountability partner!

  3. Sonya and Cheri - thanks for your good news and bad news reports. I think it's good to take stock and see where we've been, where we are, and where we're headed! :) It sounds like you are both doing so well, so keep it up! Cheri, I'm with ya on the soda - it's time to give it up! :)