Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did I mention I LOATHE logging?

NOT my favorite thing!
Let the drudgery begin. I know I sound like the world's biggest whiner, but apparently I need to start logging the food I eat each day. Even with eschewing foods like sugar, grain, gluten, and dairy, I'm just eating too much of the foods I'm allowed. So, at the suggestion of the awesome Katie Post, I've finally begun using the My Plate feature on www.livestrong.com. I can see this will be helpful in determining how much I'm overindulging even in the good stuff like nuts and raisins, etc. Still, I'm not super excited...yet. Maybe a few days and beginning to see some results will change my thinking. Plus, today's my awesome female day, if you know what I mean. So, that could definitely be impacting my perspective as well. In the meantime...I already only have 301 calories left for the day which kind of puts me in a sour mood. I should probably do something to take my mind off the dreaded food log. And, I need to ask God for His help in this next step in the process. Could you pray for me, too? And, let me know how to pray for you!

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