Friday, April 15, 2011

Either my clothes are getting bigger or I'm getting smaller!

Good news! I wore a size 14 jeans yesterday and a size 14 Capri pants on Wednesday. If this keeps up I think I'll be able to say Bye Bye to not-so-sweet-16 in the very near future! Yes! We have to celebrate the small victories along the way, don't we? And, I'm not the only one having some success here. The awesome Katie Post, my accountability partner, was so excited to tell me about her shirt today. She was wearing a beautiful, fitted navy blue blouse with a high collar. Which, I might add set off her blue eyes perfectly. This girl is godly, smart, sweet AND gorgeous. Hello? Where have all the smart men gone? The only reason she isn't married yet has to be because God has something BIG planned for her life. And, maybe it will include a tall, gorgeous, hunk of a Jesus-loving man! Anyway, I'm off track. So, Katie comes to show me that for years she's worn this blouse and it was practically skin tight in the abdomen area. Today, you can easily see she has PLENTY of room in the thing. It's actually a little loose on her. So, yeah US! We can always use a little good news on a Friday, right? Well, there ya go. Got your own to share? Please let me know so I can do a little happy dance for you!


  1. YAY to Jill & Katie!!!!!! My pants are starting to get "bigger" too! :-)

  2. Way to go Jill!! You're doing a great job. Losing weight and getting in shape is a truly challenging task. Congratulations on your success.

  3. So happy for you Jill! I'm not in a smaller size yet, but my clothes are definitely looser too! Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing in our successes, ladies!
    And Jill - I'll let you know if and when that hunk of a man comes my way
    ;-). Thanks for speaking such kind words of me, sister. I'm beyond blessed to have you as a friend.

    SO you know what this means, Jill??
    We have a reason to go clothes shopping!!

  5. Yeah, Jill and Katie! My clothes are fitting better and looser, too. The difference is most noticable in the way my shirts fit. My pants and skirts are getting bigger, too, but not enough to go down a size yet. I hope by next week, since I am a week or so behind you ladies I know what to anticipate in the future.

  6. WOO HOO all of us! Great job, Becky, Cheri, Katie, and Meredith! Let's keep encouraging each other and keep on keeping on! God will give us the strength...I'm convinced!

  7. Are you all doing the same "diet." I am aware of Lysa's book and loved it. Are you reading something more? Are you all following the super strict food plan she did? Just curious. HUGE HUGE congrats to all of you on this journey. Just happened upon your blog today Jill. THanks for being so open and vulnerable! Sorry to be nosey....just curious what this "journey"
    is and how far along you are!!
    Ashley Gleason

  8. Hey, Ashley! No, we're not all on the same eating plan or exercise regime. We're just all journeying toward healthy and FABULOUS together. Thanks for your kind words and please feel free to jump in any time with a thought, comment, something that works for you, etc. And, if you want to join in sometimes on the discussion of Made to Crave, you can check out all of the Made to Crave Monday posts or just join us next week. :) I know you could add a lot of great insights and would love to hear more from you! Thanks for stopping by, my friend!