Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just one slice of life!

I'm reminded today that in becoming FABULOUS, 'Understanding that healthy habits are crucial' is just one slice of the pie that is life! Oh how I wish I could move to the Biggest Loser ranch for a few months and focus completely on getting physically healthy. Well, A) That's not going to happen and B) I couldn't be away from my guy and my girl for that long and C) I really need to focus on the rest of my life WHILE I'm concentrating on losing weight. So, yesterday was a "FABULOUS absolutely cherishes her family" focus for me. My sweet five-year-old is on antibiotic #3 for strep throat and has also developed a nasty infection in her right ear. Since she hadn't been on the antibiotic for 24 hours yet, we needed to keep her home from pre-school a second day this week. At first I was frustrated. Frustrated for her...I just really want her to feel well. And, honestly, frustrated for me. I had plans for those school hours. Plans to be oh-so-productive, of course. But, they were put on hold. Instead of blogging, working, spending time preparing food I could eat, and getting some laundry done I spent my day reading books, making bead jewelry, and joining Alyssa in her 20 minutes of video game time. Even when I thought I'd get some time while she watched a Mickey Mouse DVD, the precious girl wanted Mommy to cuddle with her on the couch. How do you say "NO" to that? Well, my friend, you don't! 

As I sat there watching Mickey and Donald trying to find the cuckoo from their broken clock, I couldn't help but be thankful for the chance to be with Alyssa as she recuperates. So many moms would have given a lot to be able to nurse their kids to wellness in the comfort of their own living rooms. But, finances or workplaces that aren't quite as understanding as mine keep them from doing so. It's torture to be away from your child when you feel she really needs you. I need to remember that when my schedule gets interrupted. Also, this was a great day to speak love into Alyssa's heart. I could have set her up on the couch and carried on with my activities. And, there have been days I've had to do that. But yesterday was an opportunity to say, "Today is all about you!" Will she remember this? Maybe, maybe not. My prayer is that the impression left on her heart of a Mommy's love will remain for life!

I'm so glad I had yesterday to remind me that becoming FABULOUS is about so much more than losing weight! It's Fiercely following God, Absolutely cherishing my family, Believing I can make an impact on my world (and making it), Understanding healthy habits are crucial, and so much more! This is a journey that goes beyond my appearance and travels all the way to my heart to make lifelong changes in all the areas that matter!

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