Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, I went to the Endocrinolgist today...

A couple of times this past year my GYN has done some tests because of our struggle with infertility. And, both times she notice a little elevation in my thyroid levels so she referred me to another Doc in Peoria. That appointment finally came today. And, I know it's wrong, but I was totally hoping he would say I have major thyroid issues. Isn't that sad? I wanted to have something to blame for my weight issues and I was even willing for it to be a major disorder! I have problems. I realize this.

But, the good news is...except for fibromyalgia and being 55 lbs overweight...I'm in great health! Also, I talked with the Doctor about my new diet - the NO sugar, grain, gluten, or dairy thing - and he said he thought it was a great idea. He also said having lost (only) 4 pounds so far is great. He said 4-5 pounds a month is an excellent rate of losing weight. Of course he mentioned that some people will lose ten a month, but some people just don't lose weight that quickly. And, he encouraged me to get more consistent with my workouts. So, there you have it!

It really comes down to eating the right foods and moving my body more. There will most likely be no magic pill for Jill to take to make it all easier. I have to keep putting in the hard work and just have patience...apparently. I know I know. How could I not be happy with this news? And, I am. REALLY! There's nothing (physically) wrong with me. That is wonderful to hear. I guess I was just hoping for someone to say, "It's not your fault. You can't lose weight when you have this type of medical issue. Here, this will help."

It's back to the treadmill for me. And, the Doctor told me that since I've been at this weight for more than five years now, it's going to be that much harder. It seems that the longer you're overweight, the more your body adapts to being so and the harder it is to kind of convince it to let go of that comfortable state. Hmmm...kind of like any bad habit, huh?

So, the take away? Keep on keeping on. And, be thankful for good health; I know it's a priceless gift!


  1. Jill,
    You would probably never guess it, but I have a lot of battles with food and weight - the mental game of it all and the constant "craving" for something that I know will never be satisfied by food but I always try anyway. As our Internet has been strong enough, I've read some of your posts and statuses and want to thank you for your transparency. I've actually had the EXACT same thought about thyroid problems and a magic pill. My mom and grandpa have thyroid issues and my mom "gets" to take a pill every day to keep her metabolism in check. While I haven't needed to lose weight, I gained weight unexplainably over the last 2 years (despite hours of exercise) and wanted to blame my thyroid. My levels were slightly off, but right on the line of whether or not they would start me on medication... and I kind of wanted there to be more of a problem. It would be easier, huh? To take a magic pill and keep your metabolism in check instead of having to work SO hard at staying or getting where you want to be. Whether under or overweight, or at a healthy weight but not healthy mindset, it's a tough battle. Right now I'm the latter and it's a daily struggle but God is greater and has freed us from the power of sin - if we take hold of that freedom and follow him. I think that's supposed to make it easier, but sometimes I think that the Enemy tries ever so harder to pull us from God through our soft spots and vulnerability.
    I would love to get a copy of Made to Crave - not sure if they would ship to Zambia. Another book you (and other readers) should check out is "Do You Think I'm Beautiful" by Angela Thomas. Awesome.
    Keep on keeping on - you're doing great. Facing down temptation and making the conscious effort says so much more than the number on the scale. Many times when the number on the scale is where I want it, I'm still battling like you wouldn't believe.

    Blessings, love and prayers

  2. I keep trying to post a response but it won't let me. Wahhhh!

    (now watch this go through)

  3. Trying again -
    I am on Day 8 of the diet and I haven't lost anything after my initial loss the first 4 days. As a matter of fact I gained back 1.2. I am not happy.

    I have been strictly following the diet guidelines so my weight gain was a big disappointment so I reviewed what I ate yesterday. I ate mostly legal fruits with a burger patty thrown in for protein. What I did eat, though, was over 500 calories worth of raisins; I needed a sugar fix and thought they would be a good substitute (what I really wanted was a nice cup of hot chai with vanilla creamer). Hmmmmm....evidently even no fat, no carb, no dairy and no sugar snacks still have calories that make me gain weight.

    In doing more reading on the SCD/GAPS diet I am finding that it isn't so much for weight loss as it is for helping heal digestive disorders (like Crohns) and some psychological disorders (like ADHD). I am going to start monitoring caloric intake as well. No more half containers of raisins for me.

  4. Meredith, that's a great idea. I am going to have to do that as well. In fact, I have been working on a new plan to begin this weekend. It will take a lot more work, which isn't always fun, but I think I will see more succes in the long run. So, I'm glad it's not just me! Not that I'm happy for your weight gain. ;)

    Tiffany - WOW, what an inspiring post. Thank you so much for identyfing with me and being so transparent. You're right...having met you I would never have pegged you as a young woman with food issues. You look so thin, healthy, and athletic. So, thank you for reminding me that even people who don't show it on the outside have some tremendous struggles with food and weight. And, until we all find that magic pill (ha ha) we will just have to keep encouraging each other. I'm it any easier or more difficult being in Africa?

  5. Jill - Thanks. I know that my past and current battles can help other people and so I try to be open about it. I battled an all-out eating disorder in late high school/early college (underweight/compulsive exercise...)and know where my temptations and vulnerabilities are, but that doesn't always make it easier. I also know my "healthy weight" and body size and don't go below it, but also get frustrated when I'm above it.
    As for your question, it's both easier and harder here. Easier because we simply don't have the fast food and junk food options (or ice cream selection) here, and the fresh vegetables and everything are great. We're also cooking from scratch a lot so overall our diets are more balanced. That said, I'm eating more actual meals than I did before because I'm cooking for both of us instead of throwing in a frozen pizza for Luke since our schedules used to be so different. I also bake a lot more here because we ALWAYS have visitors. And things like Splenda, fat free stuff, etc just aren't available. It's also harder because of anxiety, lack of friends to turn to who would understand, and things like that. And since Luke's diet has improved substantially and he's more active here, he's lost 30 pounds since we arrived. That makes me frustrated (so easy for guys!). Lastly, we walk everywhere, which is great, but my exercise amount has actually decreased compared to what I did there. It's all just... different.
    And just as a sidenote, we're also battling the whole fertility thing - but for us there's really no where to get tests done or anything like that. So I understand in a lot more ways than just the food stuff. You are doing awesome and continue to write - you're helping people all over the world!

  6. YES! It is always easier for guys. But, please tell Luke congratulations on the 30 pounds, anyway! And, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with fertility as well. You know that I totally understand how hard, frustrating, and heartbreaking that can be. So, Jeremy and I will pray for you and Luke to be able to be blessed. We are so thankful for having our one little joy and can't imagine life w/o her. So, whether he gives you at least one biologically or through adoption, I pray you will be able to experience the tremendous journey of mommy-hood! Also, Tiffany, please feel free to think of me as someone you can turn to, even from so far away when you need someone to understand. Jeremy and I wish we could support you guys financially. But, we can definitely pray. And, I'd be honored to be a listening ear when you need it. Message me on Facebook and we can work that out if you're interested and have the ability to do so. Or, just leave a comment here with the best way to contact you. In the meantime, I hope the blog and other sources of Christ-centered encouragement will fill that void in your life as you are serving in such a major way! LOVE and sweet blessings to you!