Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hard Day

Friends, today's been tough. I know...whiner! But, I just need some support. It's been ONE OF THOSE DAYS! It all started with a miscommunication between Jeremy and me. It continued with another miscommunication. Then, later in the day, Alyssa had a blow out. No, I'm not talking about a baby blowout. I'm talking about a five-year-old blowout. The poor thing was going for the toilet and just didn't make it. I believe she's having a side affect from the new antibiotic. Anywho, after wiping her off, carrying her up to the bathtub, showering her off, cleaning the bathtub, getting her into a bubble bath, and then tackling the huge mess left behind...I was worn out! But, the day wasn't over. Alyssa proceeded to demand that she didn't want to go to child care and we had to work through that for about 45 minutes. Then, I was faced with a situation with some friends that left me feeling kind of cast aside. It hasn't been the best day ever. And, boy, I tell ya the old cravings for chips, french fries, ANYTHING greasy and salty have been banging quite loudly on the door of my heart. Why is it that when I'm stressed food always seems to be the answer? Even after cleaning up that mess earlier?! Well, I didn't swing through a drive-through on the way to work. I seriously wanted to. But, I didn't. However, I did look for something that would allow me to feel like I was making a bad choice. What could I choose. Ah!! We had sodas left from Sharathon a couple weeks ago. So, yes, I went for my first Diet Pepsi since beginning my new eating plan. No sugar, grains, gluten, or dairy! But, I know, it's not good for me either! So, there was my compromise. ARGH! Why is this so hard? Oh, how I need to remember this: The world and its desires are passing away. But those who do what God wants them to do live forever. ~ 1 Jn 2:17


  1. Wow, that is quite a stressful day. I'm so sorry about that. Way to go not turning to those foods that you were craving. I think you are doing a GREAT job with your eating plan, so don't beat yourself up about having a diet pepsi, which you're right is not beneficial, but is permissible.

    And just think, if you can make it through a day like today, this coming weekend should be a breeze (okay, maybe not a breeze, but definitely doable). :)

  2. OK,'ll have to read today's post...I didn't so well after all. (SIGH) But, I'm not giving up!

  3. BUT...thank you so much for your encouragement! :)