Friday, March 4, 2011

It's been a freaky Friday, and I'm not talkin' freakin' FABULOUS!

First, a FABULOUS quote for a Friday: Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~ George Bernard Shaw 

OK, so this has not been a great day as far as healthy choices go. We had a birthday in the office. And, without thinking, I had not one but TWO chocolate-coffee brownies WITH icing. Oh, and don't forget the scoop of cookies-n-cream ice cream. Then, Alyssa and I went to my mom's for lunch for her famous chili. SO good. Also good but not good for you, a grilled cheese (or a cheese toastie for Decatur, IL natives). THEN...after taking a quick snooze while Alyssa had computer time (gee I wonder why I was low on energy today, hmmm) I awakened to a yummy surprise. My mom had baked a chocolate cake and topped it with creamy vanilla icing. I couldn't resist after all her hard work, right? RIGHT! Ugh.

I tell ya, I had been doing really well with making those healthier choices and repeating scripture to myself before making a bad choice. Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial!!! Today I failed to make a plan and prepare myself with healthy choices. But, it's more than that. I also had let it all go into auto pilot and slipped back into relying on my own strength instead of God's. Amazing how QUICKLY it can happen!!! In fact, it can happen so fast that it's truly FREAKY!

I guess if life is about creating myself as Mr. Shaw suggests in today's quote, then I want to create a woman who automatically turns to God for strength. Who thinks before she eats. Who prepares healthy alternatives for herself and makes wise choices regarding the body God has given her. But, alas, it's all a process. I'm not going to beat myself up all weekend over today. But, hopefully, I'm also not going to give myself cart blanche to eat whatever I want because, hey, I've already messed up...I'll just start over on Monday! ;) And, you know, when it comes down to's really more about God creating me to be that woman I want to be instead of me doing the creating anyway. So, I need to do some heavy duty praying!

Happy Weekend! And, may you make healthy choices!

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